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20.05.2008 13:41

ymmärtääkseni on todettu että ihmisen persoonallisuus tai perusolemus on hyvin muuttuvaa sorttia. Näin ollen on vaikea uskoa mihinkään uskontoon, joka puhuu sielusta tai jostain muusta pysyvästä ihmisessä

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Impossibility of existence of souls - Today, 16:17

I'm writing this in hope that someone would be able to expand on this, as my knowledge is very limited. I heard it through the grapevine that personality is something that can undergo so big chances that one's personality can even become unrecognizable as a result of normal personality chances. I'm seeing this notion in the light that religions who preach about the existence of soul or anything stable in our character do not really seem to make any sense to the knowledgeable.
Think for example me. If I would attempt to define what kind of soul I would have, I would say that is something like that of a helper, a mentor, or maybe a do-gooder. But usually do-gooders change and stop caring about the world when they grow older (though in some cases it may be a result of despairing, which does not mean that the nature of a person has changed, only that he or she is physically unable to help). And what does bring about people who want to work as psychologists? I do not see it is their souls. I see it as a result of world putting them in difficult situations to cope with in psychological terms from which stems to desire to help others in similar psychologically challenging situations

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