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 100 years an Asperger
06.12.2017 23:02
It all started with my grandfather. It might have been in the family longer, but how would I know. Here I aim to write down only what I believe is the truth without any intention of making anything seem more than it actually was. As an Asperger it is a trait of mine to be truthful to a degree of accuracy that it bores normal folks. Asperger's in my family coincides with independent Finland turning one hundred years the 6th of December 2017. On that note, slavery is nothing new in all white Finland of the past; however, the twist is that the all-white Finns were the ones physically captured as slaves and brought to a new country and language. Percentually speaking this number of slaves is higher than in any African country. So we if any nation should be very understanding towards African refugees escaping their history of colonialism. In addition to being taken as slaves ourselves, we too have been subjects of other nations. Yet, we still don't know how to treat our own American Indians right. Our indigenous population called the Samí people still face violation of UN's rights for aboriginals. However, that is another story. This is a true story of Finns who haven't let Asperger's hold them down for three generations. My grandpappy volunteered for war at the age of 17. He endured the hard life of a foot soldier for many a year in arctic conditions on skis with a rifle in his hand. As soon as the war ended we had to pay so much money as a losing side of the war that we had no way but to turn the whole country of farmers into one of factory workers to be able to raise enough to pay what we owed. It just felt better to keep our independence no matter what the price. We were declared war by our neighbor saying that one single individual has fired his gun near the border and that they are going to attack our country on this basis. As this ridiculous incident of one shot that may have never have even happened could not be negotiated, a war began. In this war we killed 13 soldiers per one Finnish soldier. We had to, the Finnish population was only 2-4 million at the time, so we were badly outnumbered. It all happened against all odds just like the survival without knowing you have Asperger's when you do have it. My grandpappy came back from the war to a still but barely independent Finland, and he just like many others took part in rebuilding the country. What's more, he moved to Lapland, an area of Finland where the Santa Claus lives. Lapland was burned down by the Germans in a stretch of hundreds of miles. There he worked in a factory and became to be known as the miracle man in his village. This name was used for the amazingly gifted side of him and for the amazingly stupid side of him. He seemed stupid as all social interactions of any kind caused him such stress that he could not act right. In a drunken stupor he managed overcome his anxiety and to find a wife, built a house and furniture for it by himself while rest of the country was also busy building wooden houses for the refugees from the areas we lost in the war. He made inventions which he should have patented. However, his ingenuity had time to manifest in ways that gained appreciation far and wide. He was number one specialist in the country according to what I have heard about. Before he died of alcoholism in old age he had managed to be a very productive member of society and his community. His daughter and my mother has also gone through life without knowing about possible Asperger's. However, the list of symptoms they both have speaks for itself. She too has been a workaholic all her life, wanting to prove herself useful to society despite her difference. To this beautiful snow-covered day with golden sunrise over the lake I woke up by starving myself for 3h40min and waiting in the toilet as not to wake up my girlfriend. I as many other Aspergers find relationships too much while waiting to receive therapy on how to act around other people. I have just begun my path with Asperger, I found out what is Asperger's in my thirties after a lifetime since the age of five wondering why normal things are so difficult for me such as waving my hand to say hi or just the simple act of nodding my head. This is all thanks to the invention of Internet and a myriad of self-taught languages including this one I'm using now without practically zero contact with English speakers that the word what is Asperger's has reached me. I'm especially greatful to Finland for bestowing me with the gift of a very rich language on which elvish in the lord of the rings is based on. My mother tongue, Finnish, allows more detailed expression than most languages and its rich culture draws so much from the nature. I'm also very pleased by the fact that the most similar languages to learn for a Finn are the ones spoken by one of the few remaining aboriginals in the world, the Sami. Then there is the etymologically illuminating Estonian that seems like a modernized Finnish with more harmony in intonation. Thanks for tuning into the Asperger frequency. If you want further details of this three generation journey with Asperger's, I'm happy to reply to comments. One love to all around the world who love the medical powers of Merry Jane truly. I hope to start again after my diagnosis is over, but this time with cbd tincture.

 How to comment
06.12.2010 21:48

to leave a comment, I do realize it can be a bit tricky, since the interface is only available in Finnish. To do that without registering just click the "Leave a commment" on the sidebar on the bottom left and then "kirjoita vieraskirjaan"

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 29.09.2009 19:57

This site contains only my observations whilst living in various countries so far. In Finnish however, this is a site that contains very radical thoughts on various societal topics such as climate change, religion, and the usage of nuclear power. It's all attempted to be written in Finnish in a plain & outrageous language in order to make my points clearer. For example I offer fresh fodder to think about, I have even explained that homosexuality is not unnatural, as it occurs within many species (yet I am not a gay and hippie myself at all!). If you happen to wish some of this stuff was accessible in English, please let me know by leaving a comment. To do that without registering just click the "vieraskirja" on the sidebar on the left and then "kirjoita vieraskirjaan".

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