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Before I came here, I thought it's a small city with nothing especially nice. Oh boy I could not have been more wrong. It's awesome!

They say British food is no good. Well, Northern Ireland (the UK probably as well) has splendid food! It suits Nordic taste just fine, and there is a huge selection of food in supermarkets, compared to Barcelona or Helsinki. Moreover, they have got a wider selection of imported food in foreign owned Asian shops than in many bigger cities in the south of Europe, such as Barcelona or Roma. You can find Chinese food stores that even have such a rarity as Bulgogi sauce from Korea, and authentic high quality Thai restaurant called Tree smth with inexpensive prices. And Belfast looks nice, only the weather sucks seriously -- it rains as if gods had urine control problems, little bit seeping out all the bloody time. And it's not warm even in the summer.

Anyway, best thing here are the people. They are so trusting and nice, though so very Northern or even Nordic in their manners. So if you hail from the South of Europe, do prepare yourself for the northern wicked ways and emotional coldness.

And they are smart, here, unlike in Finland or Spain, since you can actually donate your food to charity very easily. I for example fell for the traditional tourist trap, here they apparently think they have the right to sell smth called Mince Meat Pastries filled with Mince Meat. Well, i did not find any mince meat in the list of ingredients, and the taste is horrendous, it's a mixture of rum, dried sultan grapes and whatnot sweet fruit wrapped in a heat-clogging pastry. What the heck?? I was expecting a meal with meat, not some sugar bomb.

Well, I have to continue another time, now I'm off to a my 2 pound pint of Guinness with my boss and my colleagues who are into pouring liqueur onto the stones in the sauna and getting high from that -- logically I should expect a fan-bloody-tastic night amid the snowstorm. If on a winter's night, a traveller... shared a street with polar bears jejeje and girls who walk in mini skirts in the snow, smashed beer bottles on the heads of stupidos or as they call them in some languages, dull cow meat heads and took upon himself not to allow plenty of other gentlemanly endeavours to fall into the historical oblivion of good old wife-burning times. Or maybe it will just be very dull compared to the times I had in Madrid as a member of a butt-kicking EA game tester crew

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