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 Things to Avoid
04.12.2010 14:21

so far I have only come up with few:

-smth called minced meat pastries, the whole lot of them. You see they call them meat pastries, but actually they contain zero per cent meat and only sweet stuff, quite disgusting to foreign tastes. However, I really enjoy so many types of food here, I find food here nicer than in many of the countries I have lived in. Fish and chips however, have no taste

-better not own a car, moto, or a bicycle without good lock. You see 10-year-old kids, all of them, steal your bikes, pick open car doors and release the hand break when parked downhill and even tried to detonate the petrol inside my friend's moto

- I wrote a complaint to a food store which I solemnly swear to be true. I am flabagasted by the taste of your tiramisu to such measure that I cannot force myself to pig out on it as is my habitual procedure of disposing fatty goods. I think this is due to the combination of coffee and marsala wine, whereas I have become acclimatized to enjoying the cheapest tiramisu off the supermarket racks in the Northern Irish, Spanish, Italian and Finnish euro squeezing shops and found myself nearly liking them just as much as the real Italian hand-made thing -- even though most of them were even cheaper than your mixture. (I wish not say which company sold me the stuff, as they promised a refund, so fair is fair)

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