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 Can't finish Clean Getaway [SOLVED]
11.03.2012 10:26 | The Finnish master of finishing, haja-aivo


The problem I encountered and solved was the one where you cannot wash the car in the mission called clean getaway. This is a problem related to the updates to the game, but however because I want to use an older version of the update, I had to find another way to solve the problem. What I did was to drive my car to car cleaner's (after beating up the gang members that owe money to Hon. Mr. Vladimir), I drove through the cleaners, but since nothing happened, I pressed F3 to access my trainer [basic trainer for grand theft auto IV is something you have to install and it makes your gaming so much more fun] and then chose Car options by pressing 5. Then I pressed number four in order to flip the page and chose the one that says Clean car. After that I was just able to continue with the mission and drive the car back home to the garage of the Hon. Mr. Vladimir. No problems there, inside the garage I could see the yellow down-pointed arrow. 
Any questions don't hesitate to ask. To leave a question, I do realize it can be a bit tricky, since the interface is only available in Finnish. To do that without registering just click the "Leave a commment" on the sidebar on the bottom left and then "kirjoita vieraskirjaan"
tags: clean getaway bug

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 Käännösvirheitä Riina Vuokon suomennoksissa
15.01.2012 17:25 | haja-aivo

Mistään sen vakavammasta ei kyse ole, kuin että jotakin jää välistä kääntämättä, mutta väärin käännettyä kohtaa en ole löytänyt, eli kääntäjä todellakin tuntee kiinan kielen riittävän hyvin. Mutta siis parantamisen varaa on vielä.

Yksi kappale jäi kokonaan pois. Tämän lisäksi yksittäisiä merkityksellisiä sanoja jää välistä kääntämättä, en ymmärrä miksi jättää ne pois. Esimerkiksi lauseesta 礼仪行为常规还有一首诗,不知道是哪个校领导“攒”的,可能是我们才貌双全的潘校长的手笔吧:on jätetty kokonaan pois opettajaa kuvaava adjektiivi 才貌双全. Vertaan nyt kiinankielistä alkuteosta 2003 vuonna painettuun Beijing Beibiin, jonka on kirjoittanut Chun Shu kiinaksi. Suomenkielinen käännös lauseelle löytyy sivulta 71 juuri ennen kursivoitua tekstiä. Samalta sivulta löytyy myös kappale, joka on jätetty kokonaan pois, sen olisi pitänyt sijaita kursivoitua tekstiä yläpuolella olevan kappaleen yläpuolella ja se kuuluu näin: 毕业时应获取的专业证书:文秘等级证书、文字录入员等级证书、计算机一级证书。 

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 Good speech recognition microphones in Europe for a cheap price
28.11.2011 21:58 | haja-aivo

I was pining for more than a month for a good microphone to be used with my new speech recognition program. And I had already started thinking that I just have to bear my crutches for paying $40 in postal fees, as I just couldn't find information online where could I get affordable speech recognition microphones to be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Europe. All I could find was that people were saying that there is this excellent microphone for 50 bucks in the States and that it's absolutely the best value I could get, as it simply won't do to use poor quality microphone – that is, if you want your speech to be recognized something other than pig latin. Well, I have finally found my solution and it only cost me 10 bucks including the postal fees, can you possibly begin to imagine that? 10 bucks! What's more, I'm based in Finland, one of the most expensive countries in Europe and I just ordered this microphone within Finland. It's Andrea NC-8. It got full five stars in Nuance reviews and for me it gave the score of 27 during the initial setup when you create a new user in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. I'm really happy about my new mic and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I just dictated this text almost without any errors, and I'm not even a native speaker so my pronunciation is not always the best one.

I'm happy to tell you much more about this if I know that there is at least one person interested in reading this. Please verify your interest by leaving a comment without actually having to register.

P.S. To do that without registering just click the "Leave a commment" on the sidebar on the bottom left and then "kirjoita vieraskirjaan"

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 Eleonora Capelli: un traduttore di merda
09.08.2011 00:40 | haja-aivo

Honestly, I can't even begin to list all the translation mistakes she makes from English to Italian. There are many cases of clear misunderstanding, for example

"She wrote them letters a few times a year, and sent them the ODD present"

This she translated as: "...mandava i regali piu eccentrici."

Hello, learn English! Even an uneducated Finn like me can understand that the original English version does not refer to odd as such, but instead it means "sent them a present at odd intervals [when it was not expected]". There are several things within just one novel that she has totally misunderstood. If uneducated people understand English better than her, perhaps it's time to hire a proof reader outside Italy. Doesn't anybody understand English in Italy? And to top it all off, it should be easier to learn English for an Italian than it is for a Finn. Italian and English belong to the same language family.

tags: Capelli, Eleonora traduttore, Capelli, Eleonora traduzione di merda

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 Jokes never heard before!
25.04.2011 16:06 | haja-aivo

Here's one to begin with about work humor:

"Boss, how do you reckon us being able to work twice as hard as now, we already work overtime?"

"Well, you know what, I might have to answer your question there with another question. What are the chances of a rhinoceros and a man mating? Anyone? Zero when the mood is wrong, and very high when the music is just right. I should know, just look at my son sitting there in his glass cubicle all important looking picking his nose. That dumb-witted nose ring-sporting wild boar is certainly not purely bred out of my loins, I tell you that.

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