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 Good speech recognition microphones in Europe for a cheap price
28.11.2011 21:58 | haja-aivo

I was pining for more than a month for a good microphone to be used with my new speech recognition program. And I had already started thinking that I just have to bear my crutches for paying $40 in postal fees, as I just couldn't find information online where could I get affordable speech recognition microphones to be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Europe. All I could find was that people were saying that there is this excellent microphone for 50 bucks in the States and that it's absolutely the best value I could get, as it simply won't do to use poor quality microphone – that is, if you want your speech to be recognized something other than pig latin. Well, I have finally found my solution and it only cost me 10 bucks including the postal fees, can you possibly begin to imagine that? 10 bucks! What's more, I'm based in Finland, one of the most expensive countries in Europe and I just ordered this microphone within Finland. It's Andrea NC-8. It got full five stars in Nuance reviews and for me it gave the score of 27 during the initial setup when you create a new user in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. I'm really happy about my new mic and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I just dictated this text almost without any errors, and I'm not even a native speaker so my pronunciation is not always the best one.

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 - haja-aivo





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