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 Can't finish Clean Getaway [SOLVED]
11.03.2012 10:26 | The Finnish master of finishing, haja-aivo


The problem I encountered and solved was the one where you cannot wash the car in the mission called clean getaway. This is a problem related to the updates to the game, but however because I want to use an older version of the update, I had to find another way to solve the problem. What I did was to drive my car to car cleaner's (after beating up the gang members that owe money to Hon. Mr. Vladimir), I drove through the cleaners, but since nothing happened, I pressed F3 to access my trainer [basic trainer for grand theft auto IV is something you have to install and it makes your gaming so much more fun] and then chose Car options by pressing 5. Then I pressed number four in order to flip the page and chose the one that says Clean car. After that I was just able to continue with the mission and drive the car back home to the garage of the Hon. Mr. Vladimir. No problems there, inside the garage I could see the yellow down-pointed arrow. 
Any questions don't hesitate to ask. To leave a question, I do realize it can be a bit tricky, since the interface is only available in Finnish. To do that without registering just click the "Leave a commment" on the sidebar on the bottom left and then "kirjoita vieraskirjaan"
tags: clean getaway bug

 - The Finnish master of finishing, haja-aivo





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