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 Finnish Identity
05.02.2011 18:43 | haja-aivo

A guy who has been living in America for two genarations asked me would he be considered a Finn while visiting Finland, his blood is 100% Finnish. I don't think there is such a straight-forward answer to this question. The bloodline is enough for you to be able to say that you are Finnish to other Finnish people, but then again a Finnish girlfriend might tease you along the lines that you are so American, which you might find annoying. But yeah, you can absolutely say that you are Finnish in an emotional sense. Yet, it does matter if you speak a bit of the language or not.

I do think you would be most welcome. However, older people in particular might act a bit shyly around you while presenting the sights etc. as they feel Finland is a small country and does not have so much of the pomp and grandeur of a major player in world politics. We are modest people who like to gather in small villages near lakes, not in big cities and in all our modestness we are modest to the extent of even being shy about our modestness.

If you are looking how to get in favor of Finns, it would help to profess fascination in the Finnish outdoors, heart-stopping heat of the sauna, schlong-shrinking lakes, peaceful straight-forward way of life etc. and to say that you like some Finnish food. This is good, since Finns would feel shy presenting you our country.

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