Suntuubi-palvelussa käytetään evästeitä. Palvelua käyttämällä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää. OK


 25.02.2011 22:10
I suppose Little Britain style of intro would go smth like:

Sweden, the promised country of male feminists and homosexuals risen from a long and rich history of cultural imperialists and conquerors, has come a long way and certainly has countless tales to teach to the rest of the world lying below the reindeer-for-lasagna producing Artic Circle. Today the mighty Sweden started its day by having a dark bread made of old sour milk and topped it with 6 months old piece of salted herring and even allowed itself the luxury of digesting one or two meat balls made of fish for breakfast in an apartment entirely decorated by Ikea and then plunged head-on downtown in one of its relatively small cities surrounded by a grey contaminated sea in a ball-freezing dread-lock-like-ice-sticks-dropping weather.