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 13.12.2011 23:26

The scales have just fallen from my eyes as I have read a true nonfictional account of female genital mutilation recounted by Dirie Waris. In her nonfictional novel called the Desert flower the author recounts the tale of how at the age of five as a very small innocent baby girl, she was forced to wander into the Somalian desert accompanied by her mother to meet the woman who was going to prepare her for womanhood to come. Ironically enough, this meant cutting away her womanly bits. The woman produced out of her satchel a rusty men's beard shaving apparatus, a single-bladed razor blade, with stains of dried blood on it. This was used to cut off her clitoris, minor labia and a major part of the major labia. Then she was stitched together in a very unsanitary manner leaving only the tiniest of holes for the urine to come out. This was done in order to ensure that she will stay a virgin so that her parents will get the dowry money when they marry her off later on at the age of 13. Many girls bleed to death in many countries in Africa, Somalia for example because the wounds inflicted on them will not stop bleeding. Many also die due to the unsanitary conditions taking their last breath in intolerable pain due to horrid infection. This ancient practice is multiple times so much worse than male circumcision that it cannot even be compared to it. The woman who has been stiched up like this will eventually be cut an orifice where her vagina should be on her wedding night, just so that her husband knows that he is banging a virgin and also can be in a peaceful state of mind concerning whether her wife will someday cheat on her. Why is that? Think about it, if somebody was to chop off major part of your penis, it would be less likely that you actually could enjoy sex ever again and consequently you might not be very interested in having sex with tons of  women. 

This cruel practice is in no manner encouraged in the holy Koran and therefore I cannot see any justification for it, it must be stopped. What you can do to stop it is for example go to Care2 websites etc. ( where you can click an ad once a day in order to donate money for education in these poor African countries. If people were more educated, I trust that they will eventually get rid of this outdated practice and find other ways of getting their bloody dowry moneys.


 Is occasional overeating bad for you?
13.12.2011 22:55 | -hajaaivo

I have lately gotten into the habit of being a bit of a cheapskate in terms of eating out. I tend to prefer low-cost buffet diners where I tend to eat a way too much. To top it all off, I prefer to skip a meal if I know that I'm going to a buffet just so that I will be extra hungry so that I'm sure to get my money's worth. As this just happens only about twice a month at most, I used to think it's no big deal and holds no risk at all for my health besides gaining a few extra pounds which I will lose very quickly. However, I have now come to other conclusions that this sort of eating behavior can severely damage one's inner orders and even heart. It causes problems with different inner organs as they can't cope with all the food all of a sudden. It can for example damage your inner organs including even heart. Auch, that would be so goddamn painful to have problems with your inner organs. In the future, I will think more about my health and less about saving money in the future, and will pack a few slices of rye bread with me on my travels so that I can eat the proper amount without starving and thus avoiding sporadic eating sprees. You see, even skipping meals can do other type of damage to your body. 

"However, the ability of each of these phases have a certain limit. For example, the secretion of gastric juice per day an adult is about 1500 ml -2500 ml, 700 ml -3000 ml of pancreatic juice. Should you exceed this limit, it will damage the stomach, intestines, pancreas, gallbladder and other organs of normal function; if bloating is very large, elevated diaphragm affects the heart activity; gastric motility is also very difficult, hence the normal digestive function is destroyed."

I wanted to post this as I couldn't find this kind of information readily available in English during my two-minute Google search, so I got into thinking that maybe there's a lack of English-speaking sources that specify the multiple dangers of overeating however occasionally it may be. I have even heard Finnish nurses comment that it's not so dangerous eat a lot once in a while if you're not afraid of gaining weight. I retrieved my information from an Internet page written wholly in Chinese, as I have great respect for the traditional Chinese medicine 

(the URL address of the page is the following:

In the same breath the page kindly warned that you have a higher chance of getting cancer if you overeat meat. 

I have a wild guess that whoever is reading this blog may not understand Chinese. If you would like more specific information on what the article said, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I can offer free translation of the key points. 

to leave a comment, I do realize it can be a bit tricky, since the interface is only available in Finnish. To do that without registering just click the "Leave a commment" on the sidebar on the bottom left and then "kirjoita vieraskirjaan"


-the health risks of overeating

-hazards of binge eating

-is it bad to eat too much

-is it dangerous to eat yourself too full

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 What would you do, if your name was Huckleberry Finn
14.10.2011 12:25 | haja-aivo

Once upon a time some smart ass discovered that I am Finnish while I was abroad and he asked wouldn't it be funny if there was a Finn (a person from Finland) called Huckleberry Finn?

Well, in short this is my reply to the question above

As I'm a Finn from Finland, I would probably be called as Hukkaperii Finin as Finns don't want to mix English into Finnish, which means "eternal state of being lost in terms of social status and well-being that is going to be forced upon a person called Finn" or just that "this "Finn" dude is going to get loads of shit shoveled onto him by life itself".

Well, let me consider tha name as I have now translated it. Being referred to as a soon-to-be outcast is not such a bad name, is it? It is a rebellious name, as I think people would not call me that, if I wasn't doing any rebelling. I think I would revel in this name, it also seems like a funny anti-finnish statement, Finns are going to be snowed in by heavy storm of shit.

On the other hand, if the name was to be spelled Hukkaperii Finin with two Ns in Finnin, then it would be just too ridiculous and change my name immeadetly. You see, then the meaning changes immeadetly, since "finni" or "finnin" refers to a pimple, those red ugly spots you get on your face as a sign of acne. The whole name would mean "This pimple is going to the get shite squeezed out of it like never before, be ready to meet your maker, pimple!"

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 Jokes never heard before
14.10.2011 12:24 | haja-aivo

Here's one to begin with about work humor:

"Boss, how do you reckon us being able to work twice as hard as now, we already work overtime?"

"Well, you know what, I might have to answer your question there with another question. What are the chances of a rhinoceros and a man mating? Anyone? Zero when the mood is wrong, and very high when the music is just right. I should know, just look at my son sitting there in his glass cubicle all important looking picking his nose. That dumb-witted nose ring-sporting wild boar is certainly not purely bred out of my loins, I tell you that.

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 Sexy (?) Poem
14.10.2011 12:18 | haja-aivo

this is what happens when you give 5 minutes to spare to an office worker and introduce to him for the very first time the following rhyme search site:


Once upon a time there was a girl,

and it so happened that a gust of wind was to unfurl,

what was already rather scantily covering type of skirt,

and it so happened that she was an extrovert,

to the extent that her introverted and neat underneath labiae,

were not covered by a fabric so thin that you could think it must have been suffering from anoxia,

but instead the labiae were left for every honeybee to freely gape or even pass through,

making it an opportune place for all love-crazy caribou to organize their rendezvous,

make a hullabaloo,

hence the caribou overdrew,

subject to the magically powerful lure of the wild idea of overscrew,

but first gently fondle it as if it was a fondue in need of a gentle unerring stirring,

that would then rise to a steady gallop eventually blurring,

the preset outlines of the girliest of all that belongs to a girl.

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