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 What would you do, if your name was Huckleberry Finn
14.10.2011 12:25 | haja-aivo

Once upon a time some smart ass discovered that I am Finnish while I was abroad and he asked wouldn't it be funny if there was a Finn (a person from Finland) called Huckleberry Finn?

Well, in short this is my reply to the question above

As I'm a Finn from Finland, I would probably be called as Hukkaperii Finin as Finns don't want to mix English into Finnish, which means "eternal state of being lost in terms of social status and well-being that is going to be forced upon a person called Finn" or just that "this "Finn" dude is going to get loads of shit shoveled onto him by life itself".

Well, let me consider tha name as I have now translated it. Being referred to as a soon-to-be outcast is not such a bad name, is it? It is a rebellious name, as I think people would not call me that, if I wasn't doing any rebelling. I think I would revel in this name, it also seems like a funny anti-finnish statement, Finns are going to be snowed in by heavy storm of shit.

On the other hand, if the name was to be spelled Hukkaperii Finin with two Ns in Finnin, then it would be just too ridiculous and change my name immeadetly. You see, then the meaning changes immeadetly, since "finni" or "finnin" refers to a pimple, those red ugly spots you get on your face as a sign of acne. The whole name would mean "This pimple is going to the get shite squeezed out of it like never before, be ready to meet your maker, pimple!"

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 - haja-aivo





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