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 Is occasional overeating bad for you?
13.12.2011 22:55 | -hajaaivo

I have lately gotten into the habit of being a bit of a cheapskate in terms of eating out. I tend to prefer low-cost buffet diners where I tend to eat a way too much. To top it all off, I prefer to skip a meal if I know that I'm going to a buffet just so that I will be extra hungry so that I'm sure to get my money's worth. As this just happens only about twice a month at most, I used to think it's no big deal and holds no risk at all for my health besides gaining a few extra pounds which I will lose very quickly. However, I have now come to other conclusions that this sort of eating behavior can severely damage one's inner orders and even heart. It causes problems with different inner organs as they can't cope with all the food all of a sudden. It can for example damage your inner organs including even heart. Auch, that would be so goddamn painful to have problems with your inner organs. In the future, I will think more about my health and less about saving money in the future, and will pack a few slices of rye bread with me on my travels so that I can eat the proper amount without starving and thus avoiding sporadic eating sprees. You see, even skipping meals can do other type of damage to your body. 

"However, the ability of each of these phases have a certain limit. For example, the secretion of gastric juice per day an adult is about 1500 ml -2500 ml, 700 ml -3000 ml of pancreatic juice. Should you exceed this limit, it will damage the stomach, intestines, pancreas, gallbladder and other organs of normal function; if bloating is very large, elevated diaphragm affects the heart activity; gastric motility is also very difficult, hence the normal digestive function is destroyed."

I wanted to post this as I couldn't find this kind of information readily available in English during my two-minute Google search, so I got into thinking that maybe there's a lack of English-speaking sources that specify the multiple dangers of overeating however occasionally it may be. I have even heard Finnish nurses comment that it's not so dangerous eat a lot once in a while if you're not afraid of gaining weight. I retrieved my information from an Internet page written wholly in Chinese, as I have great respect for the traditional Chinese medicine 

(the URL address of the page is the following:

In the same breath the page kindly warned that you have a higher chance of getting cancer if you overeat meat. 

I have a wild guess that whoever is reading this blog may not understand Chinese. If you would like more specific information on what the article said, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I can offer free translation of the key points. 

to leave a comment, I do realize it can be a bit tricky, since the interface is only available in Finnish. To do that without registering just click the "Leave a commment" on the sidebar on the bottom left and then "kirjoita vieraskirjaan"


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