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 13.12.2011 23:26

The scales have just fallen from my eyes as I have read a true nonfictional account of female genital mutilation recounted by Dirie Waris. In her nonfictional novel called the Desert flower the author recounts the tale of how at the age of five as a very small innocent baby girl, she was forced to wander into the Somalian desert accompanied by her mother to meet the woman who was going to prepare her for womanhood to come. Ironically enough, this meant cutting away her womanly bits. The woman produced out of her satchel a rusty men's beard shaving apparatus, a single-bladed razor blade, with stains of dried blood on it. This was used to cut off her clitoris, minor labia and a major part of the major labia. Then she was stitched together in a very unsanitary manner leaving only the tiniest of holes for the urine to come out. This was done in order to ensure that she will stay a virgin so that her parents will get the dowry money when they marry her off later on at the age of 13. Many girls bleed to death in many countries in Africa, Somalia for example because the wounds inflicted on them will not stop bleeding. Many also die due to the unsanitary conditions taking their last breath in intolerable pain due to horrid infection. This ancient practice is multiple times so much worse than male circumcision that it cannot even be compared to it. The woman who has been stiched up like this will eventually be cut an orifice where her vagina should be on her wedding night, just so that her husband knows that he is banging a virgin and also can be in a peaceful state of mind concerning whether her wife will someday cheat on her. Why is that? Think about it, if somebody was to chop off major part of your penis, it would be less likely that you actually could enjoy sex ever again and consequently you might not be very interested in having sex with tons of  women. 

This cruel practice is in no manner encouraged in the holy Koran and therefore I cannot see any justification for it, it must be stopped. What you can do to stop it is for example go to Care2 websites etc. ( where you can click an ad once a day in order to donate money for education in these poor African countries. If people were more educated, I trust that they will eventually get rid of this outdated practice and find other ways of getting their bloody dowry moneys.





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